• 1. Will you read my manuscript/book?
      I’m sorry but the answer is no. Like you, I have limited time and energy. I will not be able to read or critique your manuscript. I recommend you find a good writer’s group. Check your local library, junior college, university and book stores. Also, search the web for other people’s advice on how to choose a writer’s group that works for you.


    • 2. WIll you recommend an agent/publisher?
      Sorry, I can’t recommend any at this time.


  • 3. I’ve seen titles by Lynette Burrows that are not on your book page, is there another Lynette Burrows? 
    Strangely enough, yes. As far as I know she lives in the UK and writes and speaks about children’s rights. I have never met her. We do not share political views, views on raising children, nor anything else except a first and last name. If you were looking for information on her, I am sorry, but you are in the wrrroooong place.

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