Dancing in the Rain

My challenges this past week have been to deal with an injured back along with all the other timelines and deadlines and appointments. I don’t much feel like dancing in this particular rain storm, but I don’t think this quote is meant to be taken literally. So, looking for the ‘dance’ in my case, I’d say it meant I had the opportunity to slow down, to smell the rain and feel the rain. And that isn’t a bad thing.

My injured back is a muscle injury that will heal. It’s already much better than it was. Perhaps, that is another dance that I can dance. Life reminded me to take care of myself a little better. And that is a good thing to be reminded of.

The week wasn’t a total loss. People got fed, dogs were taken care of, and the paying job was attended to. Best of all, writing was done. That always makes me feel like dancing.

There won’t be any real rain for my neck of the woods this week. We’re in for a heat wave. I think I’ll imagine a rain storm in order to cool off.

How was your week? What do you have in store for the next week.