Putting the Pieces Together

Part 8: Revisioning Your Story Wow.  It’s been a long haul, but you’ve analyze your story for seven long lessons, from Character Goals to Plot Twists to the End and the Beginning. Now it’s time to put it put it all together.  Finally it’s time to fix it.  What?  You’re worried that you can’t fix(…)

From the End to the Beginning

Part 7: Re-visioning Your Story Why from the End to the Beginning? Many writers spend a significant amount of time crafting the beginning of their story. They know the beginning of a story is critical. If you don’t hook your reader, the story will go unread. But did you realize the ending is just as(…)

Is There a Time and Place in Your Story?

Setting: Week 6 of Re-visioning Your Story There's a time and place for . . . time and place in your story. When and where your story takes place gives the reader a reference point, or as Dwight V. Swain calls it, " a standard for your reader." Getting the time and place right is(…)

As the Plot Turns

Lesson 5: Re-Visioning Your Story Pantser or Planner it makes no difference when you are knee deep in re-visioning your story. The first draft is to get the story down on paper. How you choose to write the story MAKES NO DIFFERENCE. It's the second draft, the revision, that matters. This is where you take(…)

Do Your Characters Play Well With Others?

Lesson 4: Re-Visioning Your Story While writing the first draft you can allow your characters to ‘'take over' your story, but not so in revision. During revision you may find that your characters react more than act, are less than focused on their goals, or simply aren’t a good fit for your story. In that(…)