My Manifesto: Make my Life Matter

My Manifesto: Make My Life Matter is an attempt to clarify why I write and what it means to me. My first attempt at writing my manifesto was a statement of validation. A second attempt created a second document. It finally came together when I merged the two documents. So my manifest may not reflect the “best” format for a manifesto, but it works for me.

My Manifesto

Image of the nib of a fountain pen for My Manifesto by Lynette M. Burrows
A nib of a Parker-Duofold-Pinstripe International fountain pen, © Parker Pens, creative commons

I choose to make my life matter to me.

My time and energy is finite. I know I cannot please everyone. Spending time doing things that matter to me makes me a better person.

Books changed my life. They gave me hope, inspired me, and empowered me in ways that I would not have experienced otherwise. I believe that fiction books are the most powerful tool for helping people change. Nonfiction books are strong, helpful tools, but the power lies in the fiction, the story. Stories ease their way into a person’s mind and heart, and if they let it, into their soul. 

I believe that the reason I’m here on this earth, is to leave words behind. My purpose is to write words that will inspire, cause deeper thought, or to bring joy. I will write even if I never know that anyone read my words. It’s nice when someone lets me know my words have touched them, but it’s enough to know I’ve done my best work.

Creating novels fulfills an important part of who I am. Therefore I will take the time and energy to write.

I acknowledge that I have no control over whether people will like my stories. What I can control is what I produce. I intend to produce a product as polished and entertaining and thoughtful as possible. Therefore I will take the time and energy to learn to do this and execute it in the most complete fashion of which I am capable.

Validation is important. I am validated when I am paid for my work or when someone says kind things about my work but that isn’t the only way I am validated. To feed myself and my family and to keep a roof over our heads, I will strive to sell my books and stories. Income is one measure of success. It is a necessary thing. Regardless of my income, I am validated every day by writing words I hope will touch someone’s heart. 

I choose being a writer. I am worthy of choosing my own life path and I am a better person when I live a life that matters to me. 


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My Manifesto: Make My Life Matter is an attempt to clarify why I write and what it means to me. Making my life matter is important, but you should make your life matter to you. Write your manifesto, dream big, be all that you can be.