First Line Fridays

Common wisdom says that people shopping for books to read find covers that represent the type of story they like best first, then they read the blurb, but that the first line of the story sells the book. In these First Line Fridays posts, I offer first lines from ten or more published books, and ask what you think. Links to all posts at the bottom of this page.

First Line Fridays image is of an open book with an illustration of a pirate on a deserted island on one page and a pirate ship on the other.


You’ll find some first lines by new authors, by independently published authors, and by traditionally published authors. Most of the stories are science fiction or suspense stories, as those are the ones I enjoy most. But you’ll also find a variety of other genres, too. The links I use are often Amazon links, however that doesn’t mean the books aren’t available on other sites. Please check them out on your favorite book selling site.

I ask you to tell me in the comments, which of the first lines appealed to you the most. And will you buy one or two of the titles or put them on your TBR list. I encourage you to buy the books and support the authors. And please, take a moment and review the books you read.

Book reviews don’t have to be long or complex. And they help readers and authors. There are review sites like Goodreads and Bookbub or you can put a review on the site where you bought the book.


These First Line Fridays posts are also of value writers like me. Reading and studying well written (and some not quite well written) first lines helps us write better first lines.

Whatever your reason for checking these posts out, I hope you enjoy these First Lines Friday posts!

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Please Note

None of the links in these posts are affiliate links. There’s no profit to me. And none of these authors are notified ahead of time. These posts aren’t about making money or promotion. They are simply about finding great reads. I hope you let me know if you’ve found one or two. Thank you.