If I Should Die: A Work in Progress

If I Should Die is book 2 in the Fellowship Dystopia series. This novel is in progress. The estimated publication date is summer of 2021. If you haven’t already read it, you’ll want to check out My Soul to Keep, book one in the Fellowship Dystopia series.

From the If I Should Die book/ My Soul to Keep series.an image of the Fellowship shield a red oval bisected by a white cross with white wings on each side of the upper third of the shield.
Shield of the Fellowship © 2015 Robert W. Burrows

Story Sentence

A Story Sentence is a one sentence description of the story arc. Generally it focuses on the protagonist. This is the story sentence for If I Should Die:

A peace-loving woman caught in a civil war must resort to violence to save lives or stick to her principles and sacrifice many.

Short Description

Two years ago, Miranda Clarke exiled her parents and killed in battle. She vowed she’d never touch a gun again.

But the Fellowship’s powerful Prophet-politician still rules America. 

Miranda pilots her yacht along America’s inland waterways, rescuing fugitives from the fighting, and persecution, and death.

During her final run of the season, she receives two requests. One may lead to peace. The other may drag her back into a violence-filled world.

Her sister, wife of the newly confirmed Prophet of the Fellowship, offers forgiveness and a chance for a nonviolent life. Her brother, a rebel soldier, needs her help to get vital information to the rebel leader. 

Her choices sweep her up the Missouri River. Sweep her toward violence. Sweep her into her life’s darkest moments. 

Will she stick to her nonviolent principles? Even if it means friends, family, and love must be sacrificed?

If I Should Die has nail-biting, page-turning intensity and a heroine on a forced march toward reawakening a killer. 

Snippets and Sneak Peeks

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Character Reveals:

Progress Reports

Sneak Peeks

Sneak Peeks listed below are early drafts of this book. The final book may have chapters in a different order, events changed or deleted. At least, the final version will be written more tightly with fewer typos and miscellaneous errors. *smile*

Video Readings

The following are my first YouTube videos. Not very polished as far as video tech goes, but I wanted to share something that might give someone a 20 minutes or so break from the pain and fear in the world.

Chapter Two

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