If I Should Die: A Work in Progress

My Soul to Keep book 2

If I Should Die is the working title of book 2 in the My Soul to Keep series. This novel is in progress. The estimated publication date is late fall 2020.

Story Sentence

A Story Sentence is a one sentence description of the story arc. Generally it focuses on the protagonist. This is the story sentence for If I Should Die:

A peace-loving woman caught in a civil war must resort to violence to save lives or stick to her principles and sacrifice many.

Short Description

The adventure continues! Miranda and Beryl work on the Lady Angelfish to save refugees. Americans run from the cruelty of the theocratic government run by the Council to the Fellowship. Or they flee the guerrilla warfare between the Fellowship and the rebels who call themselves Soldiers for the American Bill of Rights (SABR).

New information leads to new locations and greater dangers. Miranda struggles to reconcile her desire for peace and her rage at abuses her colleagues and friends suffer.

From the If I Should Die book/ My Soul to Keep series.an image of the Fellowship shield a red oval bisected by a white cross with white wings on each side of the upper third of the shield.
Shield of the Fellowship © 2015 Robert W. Burrows

Snippets and Sneak Peeks

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Character Reveals:

Progress Reports

  • March 2020

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