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This is where you’ll find special features for my readers. It’s a collection of samples from novels I’ve written, posts about my works-in-progress(WIP),  books I’ve read and reviewed, a Reader’s survey, and other fun things ‘from Lynette’s desk.’ A writer’s job is necessarily a solitary job. So, if you enjoy what you read here, please let me know. Comments are welcome.

MY SOUL TO KEEP, a novel

My debut novel, My Soul to Keep, is the story of a dystopian America that never entered World War II and in particular, the story of a young woman haunted by nightmares and hunted by cloned assassins.

9 Things Rarely Seen Today (Except in my Novel)

When is a Clone Not a Clone

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A novel in progress with the working title of Paladina.

A half-breed protection specialist, sworn to protect the secret artifact of a tiny Greek village, discovers they are pawns of treasure-hunting alien knights whose game pits her against her resurrected brother.

Happy Rodents and a Lucky Snippet

Greek for a Day

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The WHITE BOX Stories

Written in collaboration with Rob Chilson, these stories were published in Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact Magazine in the mid- to late 1980s.

An Idea That Grew Into a Story

Friday Fiction Sample: The White Hope



A Wrinkle in Time: the Movie that Wasn’t

Top Ten Science Fiction Novels I Love to Re-Read

Going to Mars: Word by Wordpublic domain image of Mars from space, special features for my readers, Going to Mars book reviews,

In the spirit of exploration (pun intended) and in celebration of the landing of Curiosity, I wrote a series of posts reviewing books set on or about Mars.

  1. Going to Mars Word by Word
  2. Mars, Word by Word: A Princess of Mars
  3. Going To Mars Word By Word – Northwest Smith
  4. Going to Mars Word by Word: C.S. Lewis style
  5. Going to Mars, Word by Word: Bradbury and Unintended Consequences
  6. Going to Mars Word by Word with an Optimistic Knight
  7. Going to Mars Word By Word via a Time Slip
  8. Going to Mars Word by Word with Man Plus
  9. Going to Mars Word-by-Word Bear Style
  10. Going to Mars Word by Word With Kim Stanley Robinson
  11. Going to Mars Word-by-Word, the Landis Way



What do Readers Want?

I am the first to answer the Reader’s Questionaire in this post: Reader’s Corner.

Author, Rob Chilson answers the questionnaire. What does Reader Rob Want? 

Sarah Worrell, the author, answers the questionnaire. What does Reader Sarah Want

Reader and blogger, Jess Witkins, answers the questionnaire. What Reader Jess Wants

Reader Cindy answers the Reader’s Questionnaire. What Reader Cindy Wants 

Answers from the author, Holly Messinger What Reader Holly Wants


I hope you’ve enjoyed my special features for my readers. Please let me know if there are additional things you’d like as a special feature. I will add to this page over time.