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Science Fiction Mashup

Here are some fun science fiction magazine sites. If you haven’t visited them, click on the links below. Among these I’m sure you’ll find something that speaks to your SF bug.

Asimovs Science Fiction

offers samples of their print and e-format magazine, links to author, magazine and other SF related sites, and they feature a couple of new author blogs each month.

Amazing Stories Magazine

calls their site a Social Magazine. Scroll down the page to see some of the fascinating posts and join the forum to participate in the conversation.

Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine 

is up in space! (in the library of the International Space Station). This site offers the usual plus a reference library and an events calendar.

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction 

features a blog with interviews, reviews, and articles as well as a forum for discussions among fans.


is considered a fanzine(a nonprofessional, nonofficial publication by fans). You’ll find book and movie reviews, free fiction, convention information, and more at this site.


Hi! I’m popping up out of my writing cave for a few minutes to say hi and share some links you might want to know about. I’ll be heading back into the cave in a minute. I’m determined to finish this re-write before I take off for an intense immersion class. In the meantime, I will try to post a short piece every couple of weeks. I’ll return to a regular blogging scheduled in late October.

I hope you found something of interest in this mashup of Science Fiction Online.

Are there science fiction sites you visit regularly?

Exposing the Humbugs

Have you gotten the idea that I love Christmas? Yes? You’ve probably also picked up that I’m not terribly politically correct about it, too. So beware, if being politically correct is important to you, you may not wish to continue. 🙂

Exposing the Humbugs

Could there be anything worse than those who take out of spite or greed or stupidity? Still, we need to be aware that sometimes you do need to look a gift horse in the mouth. Please read The 12 scams of Christmas.

According to economist friends of Dan Ariely in this Wall Street Journal article, gift giving is irrational. Read his article Is it Irrational to Give Christmas Gifts? In my humble opinion, it is irrational to try to rationalize the idea of giving gifts! What do you think? Should you give rational Christmas gifts?

This next article is along the same lines, but more from the psychoanalytical arena. "&#39:Giving is almost more about the giver' than it is about the recipient, says Tina Lowrey, a professor of marketing at the University of Texas-San Antonio who has studied gift-giving behavior." She also ranks gift giving into the following categories:
Procrastinator-worrier, Planner, Practical Giver, Do Gooder, or Perfect Gift Giver?

What about you? What kind of gift giver are you? Does it really matter? If you are buying gifts in the spirit of Christmas, to give, to remember, to connect, then the recipient should rejoice.

Yes, I’ve gotten my fair share of things I would never have bought myself. Check it out, there actually is an Ugly Sweater Store.

Even so, as long as the giver’s heart is in the right place, say a most sincere thank you. The giver has given time, effort and money to gift you and to share a joyous season with you. That is the gift you appreciate and give thanks for.

Even Churches
Of course, we can’t point fingers at non-believers as grinches when even two churches can get into a debate about Christmas sentiments. Apparently, only Catholic Dogs Go to Heaven.

The biggest humbugs of all are those that insist on political correctness. Is it really degrading your religion, or lack thereof, if someone wishes you a Merry Christmas? This example of a politically correct Twas The Night Before Christmas demonstrates the absurdity of taking political correctness too far.

Restoring Sanity
Fortunately, I am not alone in my quest to restore a little sanity to Christmas.

In The Twelve Blogs of Christmas each participant took on a different way to discuss Christmas: books, cookies, music, movies, Christmas toys, holiday foods, Christmas faux pas; decorations, Christmas memories. These posts are a lot of fun. You’ll find one here.

Even a redneck like Larry the Cable Guy understands political correctness can go too far. Listen to him read Twas the Night Before a Non-denominational Holiday formerly known as the Night before Christmas

Are there Humbugs in your life? Let me know, I’ll help you expose them, for once exposed they lose power to influence your Christmas.

I hope you had fun thinking about the absurdities that can accompany Christmas.

My Christmas wish is that everyone has a Lionel in their life who can explain:

That IS what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.

Merry Christmas,

From Giant Lego Man to Tiny Ninjas

It’s Friday and time for a collection of the weird and wonderful from across the web.

Giant Lego Man washes ashore

giant lego man washes ashore

From the Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Do you really want a world that’s totally honest?

Which came first Fact or Fiction? Why Science Fiction, of course!

Youth ready for blast-off

Is Big Brother in your pocket?

icons on iphone

Photo by Paolo Neo.

Photo from copyright free

UFOs as your home away from home

Tiny Ninjas

Tiny Ninjas

Armed and curious ... children in their costumes. Photo: Reuters