The cover of If I Should Die has a dark green background upon which is a purple Fellowship Shield upon which is a light green two tone-two dimensional silhouette of the Statue of Liberty. The dark green silhouette of a woman carrying a gun trots toward the viewer. The book rests on a backdrop of an old photo of multiple watch faces that has multiple white streaks through it indicating creases.

If I Should Die

The Fellowship Dystopia, Book Two

Miranda shed her charmed life and became a rebel, then shed that life, too. Now she wants peace, but is she willing to pay the price?

It’s 1964, forty-five years after the Prophet preached his first sermon in a tent near Lynchburg, Virginia. Nearly thirty years after the Fellowship began acting as government consultants and almost three years since Miranda vowed to never kill again. She cruises America’s inland rivers under an alias and rescues fugitives from the unforgiving government while dreaming of peace.

Until the day she receives two requests:

Her estranged sister, the wife of the newly confirmed Prophet, offers her forgiveness and a chance for peace.

Her brother, a rebel soldier sworn to destroy the Fellowship, won’t survive and deliver vital information to the rebel leader without her help.

In a voyage against the current, she must make a choice. And no matter which choice she makes, it will cost her. Dearly.

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Lynette M. Burrows

Photo portrait of Lynette M. Burrows author of thrilling Science Fiction, alternate history, and dystopian novels

Hi! I’m Lynette. 

I am an author, blogger, creativity advocate, and Yorkie wrangler. I love writing thrilling stories about women whose strength, determination, and courageous choices lead them into fighting against the oppression of themselves and others. They’ll fight even when no one’s survival is certain.

Welcome to my website. Here I share tips and tricks to restart or keep your creativity flowing. Now and then I share fascinating bits and bios from science and history. You can also read about my writing inspirations and trials, and my dogs.

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