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If you’re a looking page-turning stories, you’re in the right place. Author Lynette M. Burrows creates interesting characters, chillingly realistic worlds, and unputdownable action.


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Image soft cover and ebook cover of author Lynette M Burrows's book Fellowship over an image of dark tree-lined street with silhouetted figures running away.

One word, one symbol, changed Ian’s life forever.

Image soft cover and ebook cover of author Lynette M Burrows's book My Soul to Keep over the image of rolling mountains in a blue haze.

Miranda lived a charmed life, until she broke the rules.

Image soft cover and ebook cover of author Lynette M Burrows's book If I Should Die over the image of stormy seas.

Miranda must make a choice between war and peace, brother and sister, life and death.


If I Should Die, The Fellowship Dystopia, Book Two

In Bookstores SPRING 2022

Image of the cover of If I Should Die, a silhouette of a woman carrying a gun walks out of the base of a light green Statue of Liberty over a Purple Fellowship shield on a dark green base

Former rebel soldier, Miranda put away her gun in 1961. For three years, she’s prayed for peace and piloted her yacht along America’s waterways rescuing fugitives from tyranny and death.

Until the day she receives two requests:

Her estranged sister, the wife of the newly confirmed Prophet, offers her forgiveness and a chance for peace.

Her brother, a rebel soldier sworn to destroy the Fellowship, won’t survive and deliver vital information to the rebel leader without her help.

In a voyage against the current, she must make a choice. And no matter which choice she makes, it will cost her. Dearly.

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Lynette M. Burrows

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Hi! I’m Lynette. Welcome to my website. Here you can read about my books, my inspirations, or about heroines from history.

I love writing gripping stories about characters whose strength, determination, and courageous choices lead them into a fight for survival. And their survival is never certain.

When I’m not writing, or fiddling with this website, you’ll find me playing with my Yorkies or reading a book or daydreaming about the next book.

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