My Soul to Keep, The Fellowship Dystopia

My Soul to Keep is the first book in the Fellowship Dystopia, a world we never knew but could have been. An America that tests a young woman of privilege…

Miranda Clarke dared to break the rules.

But in 1961 Fellowship America even the elite can be judged an unbeliever and be hunted by the Angels of Death.

Before the Prophet, con men and thieves and murderers drove America into the Great Depression and to the brink of destruction. In those dark days, the Prophet brought the Fellowship and its Council forth to guide America out of the darkness. And under the rules of the Fellowship, America prospered.

Miranda, the daughter of one of the Fellowship’s premier preacher-politicians, enjoys a life of privilege for nearly twenty-five years. But she is one of the elect and her time of independence is coming to an end.

By Fellowship law, she must marry the man her parents choose. Live in his shadow. Be his perfect wife.

Her life will never be her own. And she can’t—she won’t—live that way.

She escapes. Creates a new identity. Lives a new life. A life on the run.

But the world outside of the Fellowship is much darker and more dangerous than she knew. Then, a dead man puts her back in the hands of the tyrannical Fellowship.

Re-education treatments meant to restore complete obedience, awaken dark memories. Memories of soul-shattering secrets. Secrets that could destroy her family. Secrets that could destroy the Fellowship.

She vows to fight the tyrants, even if they are family, even if it costs her life.

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Sneak Peeks & Inspirations

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“With the social significance of Handmaid’s Tale and top-notch thriller suspense, My Soul to Keep is a story for the ages.” ~August McLaughlin, author of In Her Shadow

“Great tension and characters!” ~Jennifer O.

“Intriguing and compelling.” ~Julie G.

“No BS, I truly enjoyed your novel.” ~Kate G., bookseller

“An exciting adventure story, a powerful alternate history, and a multi-layered story of personal growth. Miranda sacrifices a life of privilege to rebel against social constraints and to understand painful personal mysteries about her life, revealed only by flashes of memory and confused dreams. As she fights back against the restrictions and hypocrisy of society, she also discovers the secrets of her life and her family, and chooses the values that will drive her actions—and she refuses to ‘print the legend.’”~ William F. Wu, author of Wong’s Lost and Found Emporium, Hong on the Range, and many others

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