My Soul to Keep, Book One of The Fellowship Dystopia Trilogy

By Lynette M. Burrows

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She dared to break the rules. But in 1961 Fellowship America, the rules aren’t optional.

Miranda yearns for a life of her own. Yet as an elite member of the Fellowship, she must marry the man her parents choose. Live in his shadow. Be his perfect wife.

Her life will never be her own.

She escapes. Creates a new identity. Lives a new life.

Her newfound freedom reveals a world far more treacherous than she’d ever imagined.

Each new friend carries the scars of pain and loss.

It’s a world where the villains of her childhood nightmares, the mythic Angels of Death, Take unbelievers.

She uncovers secrets disguised as truth. Scandalous, deadly secrets that change her life.

Someone desperately wants to hide the truth. Desperate enough to send the Angels of Death after her friends. After her.

To save her friends and country, Miranda must make a choice: return home or confront her past. 

Will she return to her life of comfort and lies and rules? 

Or will she reveal the truth? Fight alongside the rebels? Even if it destroys her family? Even if she must face the Angel of Death?

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“With the social significance of Handmaid’s Tale and top-notch thriller suspense, My Soul to Keep is a story for the ages.” ~August McLaughlin, author of In Her Shadow

“Great tension and characters!” ~Jennifer O.

“Intriguing and compelling.” ~Julie G.

“No BS, I truly enjoyed your novel.” ~Kate G., bookseller

“An exciting adventure story, a powerful alternate history, and a multi-layered story of personal growth. Miranda sacrifices a life of privilege to rebel against social constraints and to understand painful personal mysteries about her life, revealed only by flashes of memory and confused dreams. As she fights back against the restrictions and hypocrisy of society, she also discovers the secrets of her life and her family, and chooses the values that will drive her actions—and she refuses to ‘print the legend.’”~ William F. Wu, author of Wong’s Lost and Found Emporium, Hong on the Range, and many others.

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A story is born out of an idea that rubs up against a lot of other ideas. That’s true of My Soul to Keep and the rest of the Fellowship Dystopia books.

I blogged about some of the discoveries and ideas that entered the story-making factory in my head and came out as the story of Miranda. There are a few of the blog posts that talk about those discoveries.

Original Cover Reveal and Blurb

Inspiration on Location

Inspiration from Real-Life Heart-Wrenching History, part 1

Inspiration from Real-Life Heart-Wrenching History, part 2

Inspiration from Fire and Brimstone and Redemption.

Podcast Appearance

J. Alexander Greenwood, author of the Pilate series of novels, hosts this podcast. The Mysterious Goings On podcast always has interesting discussions about creativity, writing, and mystery.

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