My Soul to Keep

My Soul To Keep

Miranda lived a charmed life…until she broke the rules.

But following the rules isn’t optional.

My Soul to Keep by Lynette M. Burrows

It’s 1961 and America’s a theocracy. The Fellowship Council’s eleven tyrannical men lead America. And women have few rights.

Miranda makes a desperate break for freedom from her pre-planned life.

She discovers her life was a lie…And her nightmares may be real.

In the wrong place at the wrong time, she lands in a re-education prison.

Is she prepared to unravel the truth?

Can she escape re-education?

Defeat her own mother’s ruthless ambitions?

And will she avoid the deadly Azrael, the Fellowship’s enforcers, who Take unbelievers?

She’s got to try.

This alternate history is a disturbing view of what America could become.

With the social significance of The Handmaid’s Tale and the page-turning suspense of Terminator, don’t miss My Soul to Keep by Lynette M. Burrows. Grab Your Copy Now!





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“With the social significance of Handmaid’s Tale and top-notch thriller suspense, My Soul to Keep is a story for the ages.” ~August McLaughlin, author of In Her Shadow

“Great tension and characters!” ~Jennifer O.

“Intriguing and compelling.” ~Julie G.

“No BS, I truly enjoyed your novel.” ~Kate G., bookseller

“An exciting adventure story, a powerful alternate history, and a multi-layered story of personal growth. Miranda sacrifices a life of privilege to rebel against social constraints and to understand painful personal mysteries about her life, revealed only by flashes of memory and confused dreams. As she fights back against the restrictions and hypocrisy of society, she also discovers the secrets of her life and her family, and chooses the values that will drive her actions—and she refuses to ‘print the legend.’”~ William F. Wu, author of Wong’s Lost and Found Emporium, Hong on the Range, and many others

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