Lynette’s Current Playlist

I build a playlist for each novel I write.  It’s the score for the movie in my head.  Some of the music represents certain characters, certain pieces evoke specific scenes, and others produce the emotion that is the focus of a section of the book.

Treble cleft and notes, playlist for Lynette M Burrows, My Soul to Keep

I can write without the music and sometimes I prefer that. However, when I first approach a piece I’m going to write or revise, music helps trigger my brain. The music acts as a switch and makes the transition from daily life to writing much smoother. Brain research shows that this isn’t imagined, there’s something about music that our brains react to on a level perceived by MRIs.

These three are part of my playlist for The Fellowship Dystopia.  Hope you enjoy them.

eScala: Pallido

Holst: The Planets, Op 32, H125 – Mars, Bringer of War

Carmina Burana – O Fortuna / Carl Orff ~ André Rieu