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My Soul to Keep,

The Fellowship Dystopia, Book One

Miranda lived a charmed life…until she broke the rules.

It is 1961, America’s a theocracy, and following the rules isn’t optional.

in hardcover, paperback, and ebook


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If I Should Die, 

The Fellowship Dystopia, Book Two

Book two of the Fellowship Dystopia series, If I Should Die, continues Miranda’s fight with the Fellowship and herself. Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.



Companion novel to the Fellowship Dystopia

The Angels of Death were real.

Ian couldn’t believe it.

Didn’t want to believe it. 

Learn how Ian (a character in My Soul to Keep) becomes a rebel. Set in the world of the Fellowship Dystopia, this story follows Ian and his siblings as they learn the harsh realities of life on the run.

Available at these online stores

If your favorite brick and mortar store or public library doesn’t carry it, they will order it when you ask. 


When I Wake,

The Fellowship Dystopia, Book Three

Estimated release 2024.

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