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Author Lynette M. Burrows is a survivor. She survived moving to seventeen different schools before she graduated from high school. She contends that this makes her uniquely qualified to write a dystopian novel or two.

Lynette enjoys coffee, the pleasure of real books, and the crack of a nine-millimeter, not necessarily all at the same time—although they all appear in her stories. Spiced with a dash of intrigue, a dollop of mayhem, and a liberal dose of automatic weapons her stories aim to entertain.

An avid reader, she told stories in one way or another from the moment she could talk. Admonished to be practical, she put her stories on hold and became a registered nurse. But the story bug still lived in her. As a pediatric nurse she knew children and read stories to children so that's where she started.

Lynette's Work

Her first published story, a 500-word children’s story, appeared in a large regional magazine. Her children’s stories have appeared in national magazines and an anthology. (Initially she published under the name Lynette Meserole. Now she is Lynette M. Burrows.)

Analog Science Fiction Science Fact magazine published two of The White Box stories, her collaborations with Rob Chilson. She likes to joke that collaborating with Rob ruined her ability to write short fiction. In reality, she loves novel-length stories.

Her five-star debut novel, My Soul to Keep, takes place in an America where autogyros fly and following the rules isn’t optional. Readers say it has the social significance of The Handmaid’s Tale and that the suspense and plot will keep you turning pages.

Fellowship is an action-adventure story about a young man and his three siblings who flee to the Blue Ridge Mountains. He struggles to survive and discover who betrayed their family. A companion novel to My Soul to Keep, it is set in the same dystopian America with some familiar characters.

Let's Talk

Remember, it's Lynette M. Burrows. (see the FAQ for reasons why the M is important) Join Lynette on her website, Facebook, Twitter, or one of her author pages (Goodreads, LibraryThing, Bookbub, or Amazon).She might She blogs regularly about inspiration, reading, writing, and other subjects of interest. She loves to talk to people about books, about writing, or about that one odd thing no one knows about your occupation.


Lynette, her artist husband, and their their three rocket dogs (Yorkshire Terriers) live in Oz, otherwise known as Kansas.

Meta description preview:Silence, even well-meaning, isn’t going to help. So today I’m speaking my mind. I’m going to be talking about guns and the conversation about gun control. lynettemburrows.com
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