You Are Not Your Creation

You are a creator. You invest a great deal of thought and work on your project. Can you let it go? You must overcome many fears to let go of your creation. Value yourself and trust that you are not your creation.  Overcome Your Fear A creator must overcome many fears: fear of starting, fear of failure, fear of judgment, and the fear of letting go.  Congratulations, you’ve gotten past the “getting started.” You’ve gotten past the fear of failure and completed your project. Then, the fear of judgment raises its ugly head. A professional assesses your project and you improve, thus you’ve mastered that fear. Next, you face the loss of control. You must put your project out for the public to ignore, like, love, or hate. And that fear, the fear of letting go, has you frozen. Your Creation Doesn’t Define Your Value For hours, days, months, or even years while making your creation, it is yours and yours alone. But even if you do not wish to sell your creations—understand you are not your creation.  The core of your self-worth is your view of your worthiness and value as a human being. It is part self-esteem, part […]

Add Power to Your Creativity with the Basics

Whether you are just learning about your creativity or have been a creative forever, you can add power to your creativity with the basics. Regular review of the basics of your craft will keep your skills sharp. But remember to revisit these eight basics of creativity. That will also sharpen your skills. Create Something Every Day Create even when you don’t feel like it. Be your own boss, expect results. Even if you can only spend fifteen minutes right after you get up or during your lunch break… whenever. Creating something every day is akin to exercising. You strengthen that creative muscle by exercising daily. When your habit is to create something every day, your creativity will be there on the days when you don’t feel like working. Always Have Your Basic Tools on Hand Tools can be anything. Pen, paper, ink, software, hardware, techniques, reference books, even your workspace. It’s okay if you can’t afford the optimal tools right away, but you can grow your collection of tools.  One tool I strongly recommend is an ergonomic workspace. • Practice Your Craft’s Basics All arts have basic rules or guidelines. Make it a habit to review the basics via a […]

Feed Your Passion What it Needs And Watch It Grow

You’ve discovered you are passionate about writing romances or creating music or making the best gosh-durn peach pie in the county. When you create based on your passion, you are in your happy place. Whatever your passion is, it needs a certain amount of feeding. Overtime, you may think you’ve “outgrown” that passion. For any passion to survive, it needs a little TLC. Feed your passion what it needs and watch it grow. Recognize a Starving Passion We all have times when life places extreme demands on our time and attention. Sometimes those demands are self-imposed (perfectionist anyone?). Sometimes it’s a pandemic, or a loved one who’s ill. It is easy to disconnect when your stress levels are high. Stress, whether self-imposed or from an outside source, can turn a passion into dread. You may even find that the pressure of all-the-things sucked the passion out of your life. Are you starving your passion? How do you know? A daily journal recording time spent can help you see what you lack. Or a simple list of questions may give you the answer. What do I spend hours reading or dreaming about? What do I look forward to doing—someday? When was […]