Companion to the Fellowship Dystopia Trilogy

Life in 1960 Fellowship America is tenuous. Still, high school senior, Ian Hobart, dreams of becoming a star reporter. Until one word, one symbol, changes his life forever.

Image has the background  of Fellowship shield in brown, over the top of it at a slight angle is the cover of Fellowship which also has the shield in the background, on top of the upper half of the shield is a yellow silhouette of a church steeple, with a graphic representation of mountains beneath it. The silhouette of a young man runs away from the church.

One fall day in 1960 Fellowship America,Ian rides his bike home after his shift as copy boy. He dreams of the day he is a star reporter and can afford his own car, but all his dreams vanish at the sight of the Fellowship shield burned into the family’s front door.

He can’t believe it. Doesn’t want to believe it.

The Fellowship’s Angels of Death Took his parents and older brother.

And that can mean only one thing—he and his siblings will be next.

Pursued by Fellowship agents, Ian gathers his younger siblings and what supplies they can carry. They flee into the wilds of the Blue Ridge Mountains, where they rely on Ian’s savvy and survival skills.

But life in the mountains is brutal and unforgiving. Resources are limited. Food is scarce. And winter is coming. They won’t survive without help.

With no one else he can trust, Ian turns to his best friend.

And puts all their lives in danger.

$2.99 ebook

The paperback version is available! Use the links above.

a view of the hardcover version of Fellowship

You can read a SNEAK PEEK of the story here. (It’s work-in-progress with the original title, Ian’s Trust.)

Learn how Ian, a character with a small role in My Soul to Keep, became a rebel.

Many things inspired me while I wrote Fellowship. I’ve blogged about some of them:

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