Fellowship: a short novel

Fellowship, a short novel, is due to be published in the summer of 2019. It’s work-in-progress title was Ian’s Trust.

The Angel of Death is real.
Eighteen-year-old, Ian Hobart couldn’t believe it. Didn’t want to believe it.

But his parents and older brother were Taken.
And the Cleaners want him and his three younger siblings.

They escape and hide in the wilds of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Now his siblings depend on him for their survival.

But resources are scarce.
The mountains unforgiving.
Winter is mere weeks away.

Ian relies on his best friend’s help…
And puts his friend at risk.

Will Ian lose the last friend and family he has left?
Or can he identify and neutralize their betrayer before the Fellowship’s Cleaners find and neutralize them?

Explore the world of My Soul to Keep, the character Ian Hobart, and how he became a rebel.

Cover art reveal is anticipated in late May or early June.

You can read a SNEAK PEEK of the story here.

Many things inspired me while I wrote Fellowship. I’ve blogged about some of them:

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