Bibliography for Lynette M. Burrows

Bibliography for Lynette M. Burrows (in reverse chronological order)

Fellowship, Rocket Dog Publishing, June 2019. See Fellowship page.

My Soul to Keep, Rocket Dog Publishing, Aug 2018. See My Soul to Keep page.

“Merlin,” The Magazine for Preschool and Early Childhood Educators.
 Nov/Dec 1989.  Reprinted in The Best Stories and Poems from Lollipops Magazine. 1990.

“The White Hope,” co-author Rob Chilson, Analog:Science Fiction/Science Fact. Nov 1986

“The White Box,” co-author Rob Chilson, Analog:Science Fiction/Science Fact. Dec 1985

“Nana’s Problem,” Clubhouse, 2nd meeting, 1987.

“Friends,” Wee Wisdom, a Children’s Magazine from Unity, Jan 1984

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