If I Should Die, The Fellowship Dystopia, Book Two

by Lynette M. Burrows

If I Should Die continues Miranda’s story years after she joins the rebels, SABR, to fight against the Fellowship. She yearns for peace, but her fight has only just begun.

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The image is the cover of If I Should DIe. A purple Fellowship shield is on a black background. On top of the shield lays a book with a dark green cover. The purple fellowship shield is in the center of the cover with a green statue of liberty over the top third of the shield and a sword like green reaching to the bottom of the shield. Marching of the the shield is a silhouette of a woman carrying a gun.

She laid down her guns to save lives. Until family forces her to choose who will survive.

It’s 1964, almost three years since Miranda fought the tyranny of the Fellowship’s preacher-politicians. Cruising America’s inland rivers, she rescues fugitives from the unforgiving government.

Then she receives two letters.

Her estranged sister, the wife of the newly confirmed Prophet, offers her forgiveness and a chance for peace.

Her brother, sworn to destroy the tyranny, needs rescued from certain death so he can deliver vital information to the rebel leader.

Voyaging against the current, she weighs her choices. But no matter which choice she makes, it will cost her. Dearly.

In a deadly battle between her dreams and loved ones, will she stick to her principles and allow many to die or resurrect her dark side to save lives? 

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Release Date: May 24, 2022

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I began writing this book, then COVID-19 struck and life’s challenges mounted. In an effort to give back to my patient readers, I read the first rough draft chapters aloud on my YouTube Channel. Those of you who read the book will notice differences between the recording and the published book.

Not a video star, I may post new material in the future if people are interested.

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