If I Should Die, Book Two of the Fellowship Dystopia

If I Should Die, Book two of the Fellowship Dystopia, is coming to online bookstores in the Spring of 2022.

The image is the cover of If I Should DIe. A purple Fellowship shield is on a black background. On top of the shield lays a book with a dark green cover. The purple fellowship shield is in the center of the cover with a green statue of liberty over the top third of the shield and a sword like green reaching to the bottom of the shield. Marching of the the shield is a silhouette of a woman carrying a gun.

A choice between sister or brother, life or death, war or peace. Prayers won’t help her now.

Former rebel soldier, Miranda put away her gun in 1961. For three years, she’s prayed for peace and piloted her yacht along America’s waterways rescuing fugitives from tyranny and death.

Until the day she receives two requests:

Her estranged sister, the wife of the newly confirmed Prophet, offers her forgiveness and a chance for peace.

Her brother, a rebel soldier sworn to destroy the Fellowship, won’t survive and deliver vital information to the rebel leader without her help.

In a voyage against the current, she must make a choice. And no matter which choice she made, it will cost her. Dearly.

When her dreams are shattered, will she stick to her principles or risk everything to settle the score

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