My Four-Legged Muses

I call my dogs my muses because they entertain and inspire me and they are loyal companions during lonely hours of writing. Don’t look at me like that. Even Forbes thinks Office Dogs can be Catalysts of Creativity.

I’ve had many loving dogs. They are all my favorites. Yes, there’s a special one that touched my heart in a big way, but they’ve each brought joy and love into my home and my heart.

Gizmo (2008?-

Image is of my four-legged muses, Gizmo, standing on his hind legs, his front legs on my right thigh and looking up at me as I work at the computer.

I wanted a second Yorkie because I believe dogs do better in packs of their own kind even while gladly accepting a human pack leader. I found Gizmo at a pet rescue center around the corner from my house. They’d rescued him in December 2013. He’d been outside in subzero weather long enough that he was skin and bones. I went to see him. Knowing that I’d bring home the entire population of the rescue center if I could, my husband made me promise that I’d come home without a dog so I could think about it overnight.

Another shot of little Gizmo, one of my four-legged muses. He's standing on a golden wood floor staring into the camera and wearing a red bandana around his neck.

They’d named him Snorkel. He was in a crate out front and shaking so hard he could barely stand. I picked him up. He immediately leaned into me, snuggled into my arms and his shaking slowly lessened. I was shocked at how light his six pounds felt.

I thought about it overnight and called the center first thing in the morning. Alas, someone else had adopted Snorkel. I figured it was a sign. Nope.

The sign was that less than two weeks later, the adopters brought Snorkel back. Did I want him? He was home with me an hour later. That was in January 2014. My vet figured he was four to six years old at that time.

Neo (2017-

Neo is a purebred Yorkshire terrier and looks the least like a Yorkie. His personality? All Yorkie and more! The breeder allowed us to visit her home, visit her dogs, and even bring our dogs to meet the puppy we were interested in.

I’m a sucker for puppies. Turns out my dogs were, too. We brought Neo home in August of 2017.

He’s the most independent and stubborn dog I’ve ever owned, but he’s also a lover. If I’m at the desk he’s at or on my feet. If I’m on any chair, he wants in my lap. He loves to play tug and fetch and find the toy. His antics entertain and his energy and enthusiasm inspire me.

Astro (2005-2020)

Astro was my first Yorkshire puppy. I’d wanted one for a long time and young rescues were snapped up before me over and over. So I gave a breeder a deposit, hoping that her dog had healthy puppies. Then I got the call, my puppy was born. The breeder invited me to come see him when he was four weeks old.

He was so tiny we almost lost him during the first couple of weeks. Never more than five pounds in his entire life, he was a joy. His funny butt wiggle when he walked made me laugh every time. I blogged about Astro in “My Dear Old Dog.”

Cosmo (2002-2018)

Cosmo was supposed to be part Miniature Poodle and part Miniature Schnauzer, a Schnoodle. There was either a giant in the gene pool or someone didn’t tell Cosmo he wasn’t supposed to grow so tall or be twenty pounds. My vet called him the clown dog because he stood on his hind feet and walked around tables and counters and sometimes just because.

Nemo (2001-2012)

Nemo was a Miniature Schnauzer and probably the sweetest dog I’ve ever owned. He loved everyone, even the mailman. Our lawn service left the backyard gate open. I didn’t double check before I let the Nemo and Cosmo out. They took off down the street.

When I found them, Nemo was trotting alongside the mailman as he delivered mail to neighbors. Cosmo followed Nemo. The mailman had said Nemo followed him quietly and gratefully accepting head rubs when they were offered.

Belle (1990-2001)

Belle was a pound puppy purchased for my son shortly after my divorce. She adored my son. They slept together every night-when she wasn’t chewing the underside of his mattress.

I don’t have her puppy pictures digitalized yet.

More Muses

I don’t have pictures of the dog from my childhood. But I remember Sammy and Buttons by name and with fondness. Of course, in my childhood I had no idea that one day my dogs would be my four-legged muses. Yet they were there. Waiting to inspire me.