How-To-Write Fiction Posts

If you are just beginning your journey as a writer, you may find it confusing that there is so much contradictory information on how to write fiction. It is confusing. Some may try to convince you that their way is the only way. Don’t listen to them. Listen to yourself, to the techniques that work for you. Some of what I say in the posts below may resonate with you. Some may not. That’s okay. You are not me and vice versa. What works for me may not work for you. Try someone else’s method. You may discover that later on in your career you need to change methods. It’s all part of your writing process. Good luck.

Where to Start

Stories Need Structure More than just an idea, satisfying stories follow a structure. (Hint, it’s not just a beginning, middle, and end.)

One Way to Learn to Write A discussion of different types of courses and materials to learn from.

The ABCs of How to Write a Good Story Learn what a story is and questions to ask yourself when starting to write.

Writing Resources. A list of books, websites, courses, and organizations I’ve found helpful.

On Structure

Scenes, the Lego bricks of Story Structure The basic structure of a scene is the basic building block for a story.

How to Construct a Solid Gold Story A tool that can help you create a solid underpinning for your story.

Create Strong Obstacles to Make A Super Story Be it conflict or obstacles, there are way to write your characters’ struggles that will make readers turn the page.

On Character Development

Do You Know the Secrets of Successful Story Writing A post on the fundamentals of getting character actions and reactions down so they appear natural.

Because There Are Lies, Secrets, and Scars A way to think about the characters you create.

On Finding Helpers

How I Found the Right Editor There’s more to choosing an editor than simply choosing a name or a price.

How I Found Amazing Mentors and You Can Too The right mentors can help you achieve writing success.

Revising Your Story

Re-Visioning Your Story A chain of posts describing a process I use to revise my stories.

Reading Your Story Aloud

How to be Awesome Reading Your Story Aloud When you have a published or unpublished work you’d like to share with potential readers, know how to make it sound good.