Re-Visioning Your Story

Do you need to revise your novel? Wait a minute. You’ve finished your novel! Celebrate. You’ve sacrificed time to get to this point, you may have shed some tears of frustration (I know I did), and you worked hard to get here. So take a deep breath and decide on one thing you can do to celebrate this event. After you celebrate, we’ll start revisioning your story.

Did you celebrate? Good. Now it’s time to sit down and revise. My eight posts listed below give a detailed progression of steps for your revision. The process is not quick and it’s not easy. And I can’t guarantee that you’ll have a best seller when you’re done. However, if you follow the steps you will have a much stronger story.

revise your novel,

1: Re-visioning Your Story

An introduction to the process and how to prepare for re-visioning. She references many different writing books including, Story by Robert McKee and Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Mass.

2: Are Your Character’s Goals Golden?

Your character’s goals can make or break your story. Look at them closely while revising your story.

3: Twist the Knife Slowly

This lesson clarifies what conflict is and does for your story.

4: Do Your Characters Play Well with Others?

Unlike in real life, every character in a story must be there for a reason. This lesson explores how to examine your characters.

5: As the Plot Turns

Lesson five is all about the plot. Lynette argues that plot is more than a beginning, middle, and end, more than a plan of events.

6: Is There a Time and Place in Your Story?

Lynette says “Getting the time and place right makes a difference like the difference between Sleeping Beauty’s castle and Windsor castle.”

7: From the End to the Beginning

The end is another hook. This hook compels your reader to buy your next story.

8: Putting the Pieces Together

Learn what you’ll need to be able to create a revision outline or guidelines.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you found these helpful. Is there some question you had that I missed? Please contact me. I will be happy to help.

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