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The Fellowship Dystopia Book One

Image of an e-reader with the cover of My Soul to Keep on it. The reader is on a wooden floor littered with fallen leaves. Alongside the ereader is the phrase "She dared to break the rules."

But in 1961 Fellowship America, the rules aren’t optional.

Miranda yearns for a life of her own. Yet as an elite member of the Fellowship, she must marry the man her parents choose. Live in his shadow. Be his perfect wife.

Her life will never be her own.

She escapes. Creates a new identity. Lives a new life.

Her newfound freedom reveals a world far more treacherous than she’d ever imagined.

Each new friend carries the scars of pain and loss.

It’s a world where the villains of her childhood nightmares, the mythic Angels of Death, Take unbelievers.

She uncovers secrets disguised as truth. Scandalous, deadly secrets that change her life.

Someone desperately wants to hide the truth. Desperate enough to send the Angels of Death after her friends. After her.

To save her friends and country, Miranda must make a choice: return home or confront her past. 

Will she return to her life of comfort and lies and rules? 

Or will she reveal the truth? Fight alongside the rebels? Even if it destroys her family? Even if she must face the Angel of Death?

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