A Halloween Mash-up

Otis and Spike, invite you to join them and their friends at their Halloween mash-up party in Burrows’ Hallow. These lovable ogres have scoured the web for the interesting, informative and entertaining Halloween news.  Won’t you take a moment and visit a few of these links? Are You Afraid of Halloween? Did you know that Samhainophobia is the medical term for an intense and persistent fear of Halloween?  It sounds much better than ‘Fraidy Cat, don’t you think? Curious About the Origin of Halloween? Samhain was an ancient, Celtic celebration at the end of the summer.  This may be where our modern-day Halloween customs originated.  Learn more about Samhain. Can you believe that carved turnips made the first jack-o-lanterns?  Check out forty-one spooky facts about Halloween. Halloween Fun Nations across the globe hold Halloween celebrations.  Read about Halloween in Japan, Australia, Canada and more here. My friend, Rick Cutler, shared a news item about Marines and police preparing for a zombie invasion on Facebook. Kathy Owen, one of my WANA buddies, shared a YouTube video: Halloween, Gangnam Style. Otis and Spike want to be certain you know the differences between Trolls and Ogres. Which are you a werewolf or a vampire?  Take this quiz […]