Speak Up Readers, What do you think?

During my leave of absence from the blog, I have finally finished a non-writing project that had been on hold while I launched my website and blog. And during the past two weeks, I have continued reading contributions from my favorite bloggers. Recently The Passive Voice posted part of a guest on Publishing Perspectives. It was a post by Jennifer Belle called “I Paid Them to Read My Book.” I’m snipping a bit to run here so I can ask you, speak up readers, what do you think? “I Paid Them to Read My Book”: Jennifer Belle’s “The Laughter Project” Pays Dividends August 2, 2010 By Jennifer Belle • Author Jennifer Belle took her book publicity into her own hands by hiring actresses “to read my book on the subway and at New York City landmarks for $8/hr” • Jennifer and her story of the publicity stunt ended up in the New York Times, the NY Post, on author blogs and on Judith Regan’s Sirius radio show. A few weeks ago, going up in my elevator, a neighbor said to me, “I just saw someone in Washington Square Park reading your book!” She was very excited. “I know,” I said. […]