How to Make Your Library a Subject of Bookshelf Envy

Do you dream of a home library? What’s your preference? Dark wood paneling and floor to ceiling bookcases? A more modern ladder bookshelf? Or a more decorative library? The lighting? So many pieces go into planning a library, especially when talking about a personal library. But what about the books? Here are ways to organize your books and make your library a subject of bookshelf envy. The Library Method Traditional libraries use the Dewey Decimal System. This system organizes books by ten large general classifications. Each of those have 100 smaller subclassifications. A number represents each of those classifications.  000-099 general works 100-199 philosophy and psychology 200-299 religion 300-399 social sciences 400-499 language 500–599, natural sciences and mathematics;  600–699, technology;  700–799, the arts;  800–899, literature and rhetoric 900–999, history, biography, and geography.  This system works well in large nonfiction libraries and can work well in smaller, personal libraries, too. Learn more about the Dewey Decimal System. But you must know the number system well and or have a card catalog or app in order to find the proper book. Alphabetical The easiest way to organize your library is alphabetically by Author or Title.  But what if you don’t remember either? Once […]