A Christmas Crybaby

Okay, I’m crying again. Sappy Tears. I do that a lot, especially in December. In December there are opportunities galore for tears, for giggles, and broad from-the-heart smiles. From Christmas music to Christmas Movies to Christmas TV Commercials, you can catch me being an emotional mess. I am a marshmallow – a soft touch for all things sappy, a Christmas crybaby.

Some people almost never cry. So then, why do other people (like me) tear up as if they have faucets instead of tear ducts?

Tears are Complicated

Tears can be an expression of frustration, pain, fear, or sadness. We shed tears when there is a need such as releasing tension, or grief, or simply a need to connect with someone else. They also express happiness, joy, and pride. But why cry at songs, movies, and TV commercials for goodness sake? Believe it or not, this very topic has been researched.

Scientists have found that tears contain natural antibiotics that protect our eyes and nose to keep us healthy. They have also learned there are three types of tears: Basal, Reflex, and Emotional. Basal tears protect the eye and keep it moist. Reflex tears flush your eye when it’s irritated. Emotional tears flow in response to . . . emotions. They release certain chemicals that build up in our bodies. Releasing these chemicals make us criers feel better after a good cry. If you’re interested in the science you can learn more about tears in the scienceline.org article, “Why do people cry?” or the WebMD article, “Why We Cry: The Truth About Tearing Up.”

No matter what the science, I am often embarrassed by my tears. Except at Christmas time. Everyone seems to understand that Christmas is a time of strong emotions, they smile and indulge me in my tears. And I indulge myself in every sappy movie and song of the season. How about you, are you a Christmas Cry Baby?

I know I’m not alone, but just to be sure, I thought I’d share a few tear jerkers with you. 🙂

This song says it all:

Christmas Makes Me Cry performed by Mandisa and Mathew West.

Talk about tears! This one gets me every time:

The Christmas Shoes by NewSong.

Really, the faucets are full on for this one:

Faith Hill sings Where are you Christmas?

If you’ve never seen Trans Siberian Orchestra perform, you have missed an inspirational Christmas Concert. This YouTube video of their song, An Angel Came Down, barely does this group justice. And yes, even rock opera makes me cry.

Kermit, while not the best singer, delivers another song that makes me teary.

The Christmas Wish.

I told you I was a sap!

And in the spirit of a Christmas Crybaby, I’d like to wish all of you a joyously tearful Merry Christmas! (and holiday best wishes to those of you who celebrate other holidays!) With a Special Shout out to all my fabulous WANA1011 friends!

Please take a few minutes to bond with other sobsters. Let us know we’re not alone. Share your favorite tear-maker here. Are you a Christmas Crybaby?