the Indispensable NEW Companion to the Emotion Thesaurus!

Image of The book covers for Emotion Thesaurus and the emotion amplifier thesaurus with a header reading "bring readers into your character's emotional experience" with two bubbles under it The first buble readers, Emotion Thesaurus. Master show-don't tell using brainstorming lists that provide body language, thoughts, internal sensations, and vocal cues for 130 unique emotions. The second bubble says Emotion Amplifiers. Force characters to reveal their true feelings using one of 52 amplifiers that acts as a challenge, conflict, and emotional destablizer rolled into one!

Hi guys! You’re in for a special treat. Today’s a big day – The Emotion Amplifier Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Stress and Volatility has just released, and as part of the Street Team, I’m helping to get the word out about a HUGE giveaway Angela and Becca are running to celebrate! 

About the Book

This guide is a companion to the popular Emotion Thesaurus and covers all the ways to push a character emotionally, setting them up for BIGGER reactions. 

Emotion Amplifiers are specific states and conditions that can strain a character to the point they lose control. Pain, exhaustion, arousal, and competition are just some of the amplifiers that can send your character over the edge. If they give in to what they feel, they might lash out, take foolish risks, show poor judgment, and act in ways that take their situation from bad to worse. Hello, conflict!

Why Am I Doing This?

Cover of the emotion amplifier thesaurus: A writer''s guide to Character Stress and Volatility Second Edition has a dark upper half with the blue title and white subtitle. Below that is a jumble of word tiles and below that it says a companion to the Emotion Thesaurus and the authors' names below that.

As a writer, I absolutely rely on my Emotion Thesaurus so when Angela asked for some help getting the word out, I happily volunteered.

I was fortunate enough to be able to get an ARC (advance reader copy).

As a former nurse, I have a strong basic understanding of psychology and human emotions. So to tell you the truth, I didn’t expect this book to wow me. After all, how can you top the Emotion Thesaurus?

Read the Intro

OMG. Not even a dozen pages in and I’m seeing things I’ve practiced in my writing with greater clarity than ever before. You might be, as I was, tempted to skip the “introduction” but don’t. Even if you think you understand emotion amplifiers, read the explanations and examples the authors offer. It brings a new level of clarity. 

Browsing the pages of the thesaurus section of this book you’ll find the treasure trove of information you expect from the authors. But this book carries extra gems. I love the added features of associated power verbs, emotions generated by this amplifier, duties or desires that may be more difficult to fulfill, and scenarios for building conflict and tension. And don’t overlook the helpful tools in the appendices.

If you are a writer, you need this book. I have no doubt that my copy will become as thumb-worn and indispensable as my other Ackerman and Puglisi thesauri. 

This will be my go-to tool for amplifying reader-character connections in my stories. Maybe it hasn’t topped the Emotion Thesaurus but as a companion? This has earned a permanent place on my desk. Get your copy today!

Win a Free Workshop!

Image shows a person prone   on a caked and dried lakebed. It reads, Emotion Amplifiers Workshop, How to push characters to their limits so they reveal their true selves.

Amplifiers can bring a character’s emotions to the surface for readers to see, which is exactly what we need to happen. But that’s not all they do. Becca and Angela can’t wait to dive into how they can power a story and are celebrating this release with a very special Zoom workshop.

100 Seats Are Up for Grabs!

If you’ve ever attended a workshop by Angela and Becca, you know you’ll learn a ton. Head over here to enter the giveaway, but hurry – the last day to enter is May 17th, 2024

Good luck!


    1. You are most welcome, Angela. I love the Emotion Thesaurus and I know I’ll love and use the Emotion Amplifier as well. Happy Launch Day!

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