The Ups and Down of Progress Continues in May

Can you believe it’s almost June? I feel as if I’ve lost 18 months. I’ll bet some of you feel the same. We’re suspended between pandemic and post-pandemic. And the ups and downs of progress continues in May.

image of a dart board with a yellow dart between the first and second ring--the ups and downs of progress means close but no bullseye

If you’re new to these monthly progress reports, I use intentions and general categories for tracking tasks I intend to accomplish.


Progress remains slow, but it continues. Several scenes in If I Should Die were not working. I’ve rewritten those scenes many times but finally found the right one last week. That means more rewriting, but I know the story will be stronger for it.


I’m keeping up with the basics at this point. I have plans and materials to rearrange and enlarge my workspace. That project is on hold for a little while. (See Home—The Room is Spinning.)


My low-key marketing efforts slowed this month but are continuing to generate sales. Sales makes me happy. Thank you readers!


I’ll be taking part in ConQuest 52, our local science fiction convention Memorial Day weekend, today through Sunday. It’s virtual this year. If you don’t have any plans, check it out. Guests of Honor include authors, Becky Chambers and Dan Wells, and artist, Toni Taylor.

Home — The Room is Spinning

One of the primary reasons I have gotten little done is that I’ve had a flare up of BPPV (Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo). It’s a disconcerting disorder of the inner ear that affects one’s sense of balance. For me, it feels and looks as if the room is spinning around me. To read, write, focus, or even walk is challenging. It will get better, is already better, but it takes time.

What I Learned

I’ve used dizziness and vertigo interchangeably. But there’s a difference between the two words. Dizziness is when you feel you are spinning. Vertigo is when you feel the room is spinning around you. Who knew?

Next Month

I’m working on increasing my productivity. That means butt in chair and typing or dictating story words first. Like I said last month, progress is progress, but I plan to get back to my normal production levels. When? Well, I will not wait for my life to get back to normal. I’m putting my butt in the chair and finishing this gosh-darn story. How about you? What ups and downs of progress have you had this month?


  1. Interesting about dizziness/vertigo – I never knew there was a difference. BPPV sucks – I’ve had it before and it’s hard to accomplish anything when it hits. Hope yours is better soon!

    1. I know-I was a nurse and I either forgot or never knew there was a difference. And you’re right, BPPV does suck. Thank you for your good wishes.

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