This is where you’ll find special features for fans. It’s a collection of samples from novels I’ve written, posts about my works-in-progress (also called a WIP), research I’ve done while writing a book, books I’ve read and reviewed, a Reader’s survey, and other fun things.

I will add other things of interest as I find and develop them. Have a great idea for me to include in these pages? Is there something missing, something you’d like as a special feature? Please let me know.

A writer’s job is necessarily a solitary job. That’s not a bad thing. It’s simply a fact. I love to write. I’ve written for years with very little feedback, no real interaction with people who aren’t writers. Why am I telling you this? I want you to understand how precious your comments are whether you make them here, on my blog, or in reviews on Amazon, Kobo, or other sites. Your comments are not only welcome, but they keep me going. No, they do more than that, they make me extremely grateful that I can use this gift of mine to touch other people’s hearts and minds. Thank you. And please, keep the comments coming. 

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Sneak Peeks

On this page you’ll find links to the early looks at some of what I’ve written plus blog posts about how I wrote the books or stories.

Sneak Peeks and Inside Writing the Books

First Line Fridays

The First Friday of every month I share the first line from published novels and ask if you like them enough to want to read the rest of the book.

First Line Fridays

Book Reviews

In a shameless plug, please post a review of books you’ve read. Even simple star reviews are extremely helpful to the author. Just go to Amazon or whichever online store you bought your book.

Five stars doesn’t mean the book is perfect. Give a book five stars if you liked the book enough to order another one from that author.

Consider sharing a comment or two about what you liked. Scroll to the bottom of the reviews on that page and click the review button.  It usually says something like “add a customer review.” Don’t let the word review keep your from making a comment. No one expects a “literary review” on Amazon or Barnes and Noble or even on Goodreads.

Reviews are important for several reasons. It helps the store algorithms guide other readers to that book.

Most authors make very little money on their books. A review that takes a few minutes, gives much more than money to the author. Thank you for writing book reviews.


I don’t do interviews often, but I’ve done a few of readers (some of whom were also writers). I hope you find them fun and interesting.


Thank You!

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