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What the heck is Burrows Insiders?

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I call my Advance Readers Group Burrows Insiders. They are a special group of folks who get a free copy of my upcoming releases about 3 weeks prior to the release date. It may contain a few small errors as it is a galley copy, meaning the manuscript has been fully edited and proofread, but may still contain a few missed errors that need correction before publication. Please feel free to let me know about any errors you find.

Burrows Insiders will also get an occasional newsletter with sneak peaks and ‘insider’ stories.

You will need to be able to open either a Mobi or ePub file (I’ll send directions and links). All I ask is that you give an honest review of the book at the retailer site where you purchase books or book reviewing sites like Goodreads or LibraryThing.

A simple “I liked it” is helpful. But so is an “I didn’t like it because…” In your review, please state that you were given a free copy with no obligation attached. Otherwise, your review might be removed by the retailer.

If the site allows, give the book a star rating. Remember, five stars doesn’t mean perfect. It does mean you liked the book well enough that you’ll buy the next one.

The rating you give the book will have no bearing on your ARC Team status. Seriously, no one likes all the books all the time. I don’t expect you to like all my books.

You may choose to unsubscribe any time. If you are inactive for two releases in a row, you will receive an email asking if you still want to take part in the future. Sometimes lives are too busy or interests change, and that’s okay.

No matter what, please know that I am always grateful for the time and effort spent by the Insiders.

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