Interviews of Readers and Authors

Actors’ Studio-style Interviews of Readers

Lynette M Burrows interviews readers and authors from time-to-time. Her question and answer interviews are adapted from the Actors’ Studio Questionnaire by James Lipton and given to various readers.

Photo of showing a woman sitting outside reading. She is silhouetted against the setting sun turning the sky shades of yellow and orange.

What do Readers Want?

I am the first to answer the Reader’s Questionnaire in this post: Reader’s Corner.

Author, Rob Chilson answers the questionnaire. What does Reader Rob Want?

Sarah Worrell, the author, answers the questionnaire. What does Reader Sarah Want

Reader and blogger, Jess Witkins, answers the questionnaire. What Reader Jess Wants

Reader Cindy answers the Reader’s Questionnaire. What Reader Cindy Wants

Answers from the author, Holly Messinger What Reader Holly Wants

If you would like to participate in an interview, please email me via my contact page.