Fun with Words

Weekends are often devilishly devine. We have wickedly good fun, clean dirt from our homes, watch friendly competitors, and otherwise turn ourselves inside out trying to do more, be more, have more. Then comes Monday. Monday is the antithesis of the weekend. So today, let’s have fun with words or rather, phrases that pair two words that are the antithesis of each other. That’s right. We’re talking oxymorons. Rather, Dave and Randy are singing oxymorons. Have a listen.

The Oxymoron Song

There are countless numbers of oxymorons. How many did you identify in the song? How many in this post?

In my unbiased opinion, the singers weren’t awfully good but the song was seriously funny. This wasn’t my only choice, but by a minor miracle I chose it. I was clearly confused.

Please don’t be passive aggressive or noticeably absent, leave a comment below. Dave and Randy and I didn’t include all the oxymorons out there. Here’s a list of common ones to help you think about others you may know.

Let’s have more fun with words. What’s your favorite oxymoron?


    1. Isn’t it? So glad you enjoyed it but I am living the oxymoron happily married. 🙂 Thanks Joni!

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