Greatest Hits of Science Fiction

It’s no secret that I love science fiction and I love music. So today I’m sharing a melding of the two in my collection of the greatest hits of science fiction.

If you’ve attended a science fiction convention, you’ve heard of Filk Songs. For those of you who haven’t heard of them, Filk songs are kind of hard to define. Even Wikipedia has difficulty! For now, we’ll say that a filk song is lyrics and music that is sung at a science fiction and fantasy convention.

Here’s a quick sample of a Filk Song:

I Hate Little Firelizards by Julia Ecklar

The guys on the television show Whose Line Is It Anyway?  (the U.S. version), took science fiction and music to a whole different level. The zaniness of improv stars: Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, and Wayne Brady made for an enjoyable skit.ETA: Sorry, the Whose Line Is It Anyway youtube video is no longer available. Find it on your favorite streaming services.

Instead please enjoy this collection of science fiction hits.

And just for fun, I’m adding this collection of classic science fiction theme music.

For those of you who are wondering what happened to the Going to Mars Word by Word post this month — thank you so very much for your responses last month.  You voiced your preference and I am ever so grateful for that.  Worry not.  I’m taking a couple of months break while I finish a re-write.  Going to Mars Word by Word will resume during the fall.

Had you heard of Filk before? Do you sing or play an instrument? What is your favorite Filk song?

Is there a classic science fiction show or movie theme that you love?

I hope you enjoyed this little trip into my list of greatest hits of science fiction.


  1. Hi, Lynette,
    You introduce me to things I never knew existed., like Filk songs.

    Bon courage on the rewriting. Hmm, it may be time for you to rerun your re-visioning posts.

    1. So glad I can add to your education, Pat. LOL. And thanks for the encouragement. Hey, I may just have to run those posts again, great idea!

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