Dream Fearlessly

Would you give up one Saturday to dream fearlessly? I’m taking inspiration from a project of the American Family Insurance company. The company partners with local charities across the United States of America on a project to support and/or better that community. You can learn more about there project here. Don’t worry. This isn’t an ad for an insurance company. I’m not affiliated with them nor am I promoting them. I love the concept, though. Give up one Saturday to Dream Fearlessly. What could I do? What could you do? At first, I thought, I’m living my dream. I’m writing full-time. I don’t need to dream fearlessly. Did you think that, too? Or did you think, give up a Saturday? A whole Saturday? Just for a dream? Whoa to both those negative thoughts. What does Dream Fearlessly mean? In my opinion, it means step into your dream. Act as if it is real. Act as if you are the person who is going to make it. Even if your belief is a little shaky. Even if you have not the first clue how to make it happen. Recently someone challenged me to examine one of my dreams. It was a dream […]