Library Withdrawal

Are you having library withdrawal? I mean, are you missing going to the library? I haven’t been to the library since the beginning of March. And oh, man, do I miss it. I didn’t always check out books when I went. I’d go to write, to research, and to sit and think. My local library is open with limited hours and Cover 19 precautions in place. Still, I stay at home to protect my husband’s fragile health. So I devised a way to visit libraries when I can’t physically visit them. I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of a Library. —Jorge Luis Borges What is a Library Everyone knows what a library is, don’t they? But when you think the word library—what is it you “see?” Libraries are promoters of literacy, providers of a wide range of reading for all ages, and centers for community information services. Filled with books, magazine, and oh, so much more, libraries are places of wonder and treasures.  The First Library We may never know when or where the first library existed. And for libraries, there are all kinds of firsts. First opened, first publicly funded, first with this or that […]