SciFi Mashup

This week is a SciFi Mashup that isn’t really a mashup. For your reading pleasure, here are some fun science fiction magazine sites. If you haven’t visited them, click on the links below. Among these, I’m sure you’ll find something that speaks to your SF bug. (SF is the abbreviation for science  fiction that us old-timers use.) Asimovs Science Fiction offers samples of their print and e-format magazine, links to author, magazine and other SF related sites, and they feature a couple of new author blogs each month. They cover a wide range of SciFi subgenres. Amazing Stories Magazine calls their site a Social Magazine. Scroll down the page to see some of the fascinating posts and join the forum to participate in the conversation. Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine  is up in space! (in the library of the International Space Station). This site offers the usual plus a reference library and an events calendar. (I have a soft spot for this one since they published my collaborations, The White Hope and The White Box. ) The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction  features a blog with interviews, reviews, and articles as well as a forum for discussions among fans. Sfsignal […]