You Are Not Your Creation

You are a creator. You invest a great deal of thought and work on your project. Can you let it go? You must overcome many fears to let go of your creation. Value yourself and trust that you are not your creation.  Overcome Your Fear A creator must overcome many fears: fear of starting, fear of failure, fear of judgment, and the fear of letting go.  Congratulations, you’ve gotten past the “getting started.” You’ve gotten past the fear of failure and completed your project. Then, the fear of judgment raises its ugly head. A professional assesses your project and you improve, thus you’ve mastered that fear. Next, you face the loss of control. You must put your project out for the public to ignore, like, love, or hate. And that fear, the fear of letting go, has you frozen. Your Creation Doesn’t Define Your Value For hours, days, months, or even years while making your creation, it is yours and yours alone. But even if you do not wish to sell your creations—understand you are not your creation.  The core of your self-worth is your view of your worthiness and value as a human being. It is part self-esteem, part […]