Remember and Be Grateful

It’s November. In the United States, that means Thanksgiving Day is coming. It’s a month, and a day, known for overeating, for much-hyped sports, for writers meeting crazy deadlines, for parades, and for Black Friday shopping. Am I saying those are bad things? Heck no. But they are signs that November can be crazy busy. In fact, many of us stay crazy busy all year. It just gets crazier in November (and December, too). But whatever your religion or the country where you live, remember and be grateful.  If your month of Thanksgiving isn’t in November, you can still practice gratefulness. Get a jar or a bowl and designate it the bowl or the jar of thanks. Each day, beginning or end, write a note of thanks. (See the Art of Thank You). If that’s too much, write the date and one or two words that will help you remember what you chose to be grateful for that day. Sometimes, when you’ve had a bad day, it might be difficult to find something to give thanks for.  Quotes About Gratitude Sometimes we should express our gratitude for the small and simple things like the scent of the rain, the taste of your […]

Thank You for Celebrating With Me

Thank you for celebrating with me. Your tweets and retweets and shares of my One Year Anniversary and Giveaway were awesome.  It’s Not Hard, But It Is Writing novels is not physically difficult. Some days it’s emotionally draining. Other days, it might be hard on the backside. And some days it’s a slog. But I find tremendous rewards in putting the words on paper (or screen).  Why I Write I write because books inspired me, gave me hope, and gave me dreams when I needed them. Repaying that debt by paying it forward to other readers is important to me. I didn’t expect how indebted I would be to readers.  Gratitude is when memory is stored in the heart and not in the mind. ~Lionel Hampton You have given me many memories stored in my heart. Readers and comments here on this blog, fill my heart with gratitude. I am grateful for every review of my books. And sales mean more than money. I feel a bit like Sally Field gushing at the Oscars, “You like me. You really like me.” Every sale, every review, every comment, every website page viewed fills me with an awareness of how blessed I am to […]

Not My Usual Friday Post

This isn’t my usual Friday post, but this has been an unusual past 24 hours. And, since I’m a last minute writer, there’s a certain price to be paid. But, I hope you don’t mind. I know I don’t.  I took C, my ten-year-old grandson, to see the live action Lion King yesterday afternoon. We enjoyed the movie.  C liked it better than the original because it looked so realistic.  I took C home and settled in behind my computer to write my blog post. But moments later, I received a text from my daughter-in-law. My grandson, scheduled to be born by induction on Monday, decided he didn’t want to wait. She’d been having contractions every five minutes for the past two hours. They were getting stronger and stronger. And, of course, this was at 5 pm. The doctor’s office was closed. Her husband, my son, was at work more than an hour away. Could I help her? You betcha! By the time I drove the two minutes to their house, her contractions were less than five minutes apart. I took her to the hospital. C came with us. During the process of checking in, her water broke. We texted my son who […]