Character Reveal: Leslie

In a character reveal, characters from my books (in print or works-in-progress) answer questions from a standard personality assessment test. Today’s character reveal: Leslie.

You first met Leslie, Ian’s sister, in Fellowship. She also appears in the second in the My Soul to Keep series, If I Should Die. Watch this website for sneak peaks and cover reveals in the third quarter of 2020.

Character hiding her face behind a sign with a large question mark--character reveal: Leslie


Leslie Ann Elizabeth Hobart was sixteen when she appeared in the Fellowship. Younger sister to Ian, Leslie worked as an aide at a local physician’s office for her school sponsored work program. She appears in If I Should Die with vital information that challenges Miranda and a doll that brings back unpleasant memories for Beryl. 

1. Who is your role model?

When I was in school, my role model was Clara Barton. Clara was a self-taught nurse who risked her life to care for soldiers in the battlefield during the Civil War. And she founded the American Red Cross. Now, it would have to be the woman who disguised herself as a man and fought in the Revolutionary war, I forget her name—Deborah something—Sampson? Yes, I think her name was Deborah Sampson.

2. Who knows you the best?

My brothers, especially Ian. We learned a lot about ourselves and each other when we had to hide from the Second Sphere agents. To survive, we had to work together, depend on each other.

3. What would your friends say about you?

In high school, I didn’t have a lot of friends. But the friends I had would have said I was sweet, helpful, and smart. What about now? When you’re a spy, you don’t have many friends. 

4. What is the question people ask you most often? 

Where are your parents? But I don’t tell them the truth. Most of the time, if I told them the truth I’d put myself or Ian in danger. 

5. What is the thing you’d never say to another person?

I’d never, ever, say “your parents have been Taken.” —I’m sorry, I need a moment.

I apologize. I didn’t mean to upset you. Take all the time you need.

6. What is your greatest achievement?

I don’t know that I have a greatest achievement.

Sure you do. It doesn’t have to be world shaking. It could be as simple as getting good grades in school.

Oh, well, then I guess I’d have to say helping my brothers survive both in the mountains and when the Second Sphere caught me and my younger brothers, 

7. What is your greatest failure? 

Getting injured and getting us caught. 

8. What did you learn from your greatest failure?

What did I learn? Maybe that I should watch where I’m going? And—it’s a cliché, but I learned that you can’t prepare for things too much. Anything can happen. And when the worst thing happens, your survival depends upon how prepared you are.

9. What is the thing you are most proud of?

My little brothers. They wouldn’t leave me to save themselves. 

10. What would you like to change about yourself?

I wish I had finished high school. I wish I’d paid more attention in history and politics. And I wish I’d practiced with the rifle more..

11. If something in your house breaks, what is the first thing you do?

Gert taught me to find the right tool and materials for the job. If I can’t find the right stuff, I will figure out how to make what I have work. 

12. What is the greatest obstacle you’re facing right now?

If she loves a rag doll, is she still evil. The answer is yes, read why

No one believes me. I know what I heard and I have this doll. But still no one believes what I know is the truth.

13. How do you like to “waste” your time?

I don’t have a lot of time to waste these days, but I used to love to read gothic romances. It’s not something I would enjoy today. I’ve seen too much—real life—to believe in that kind of romance anymore.

14. What is the ritual that helps you calm down?

Watching the river or creek. Listening to the burbles and gurgles as the water passes over rocks. 

15. What is your favorite place in town?

You mean my hometown?


Hmm. That seems like such a long time ago. I don’t know…I don’t have good feeling about Ambrose anymore, but I loved going to the Silver Spoons ice cream parlor in Lynchburg.

16. What do you prefer–a book, a movie or a theater play?

A book.

17. What was the happiest period of your life?

Right before Ma and Pop were Taken. The boys were getting along. Pop was happy because his hardware store business had picked up. Davey had asked me to go the Friday night social. I loved working at Dr. Bakers. He taught me so much about caring for people.

18. What is your most treasured memory from childhood?

Christmas morning, when I was seven. I rushed downstairs and saw that Santa had brought me a nurse set and a book about Clara Barton and a beautiful gold locket. That was the most Christmas Santa had ever brought me. I was thrilled.

19. What was your favorite game when you were a child?

I liked puzzles more than games. Any kind of puzzle—crossword, jigsaw, a story puzzle. I enjoy figuring things out.

20. What is the greatest injustice you’ve lived through?

My parents were Taken. They were good, kind, loving people. They didn’t deserve to be Taken.

An Invitation

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Are you an artist or doodler? Have you drawn an image of Leslie or any other character in one of my books? Please, send me a digital copy. With your permission, I’ll post it on the character’s page on this website and share it on social media. 

Did you enjoy Character Reveal: Leslie? Based on Leslie’s answers above, what additional question would you ask? Is there a character from either Fellowship or My Soul to Keep you’d like to see answer these questions in the next character reveal?


    1. No worries, Jennette. I appreciate that you’ve bought a copy. And I know you’ll read it when you can.

    1. My writing style describes character features as the reader needs to know them and, most importantly, to let the reader fill in the blanks. So, you’d have to read Fellowship and use your imagination. 🙂

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