Random Acts of Love Month

February is the month of love. Romantic love is what most people think about. Romance is important. Connecting with the special relationships in your life requires a life of small acts of love and romance. But what about the other people around you? This month I will explore what others call Random Acts of Kindness, what I call Random Acts of Love. 

image is a looking at the end cuts of a stack of wood with one large heart-shaped log surrounded by small white logs--we're in this together, lets do random acts of love this month

We’re all in this world together. Sometimes stacked close like the logs above. You don’t have to agree with or have romantic or sexual love to perform a Random Act of Love. A short exchange. A small gift or a small gesture can make a huge difference in a life you know nothing about. 

Love For the Homeless

Image of a homeless woman sitting with her cart of stuff--she needs a random act of love

It’s winter in the northern hemisphere. The homeless have it tough. It doesn’t matter what their circumstances are—why they are homeless. The harsh conditions of living on the streets can break a person’s spirit quickly. 

Next time you see a homeless person give them a cup of coffee or hot chocolate or a hot sandwich. Or give them a pair of warm gloves or a scarf. (They can use blankets and hot meals, too, please provide them with that if you’re able. But this is about small, random acts of love for your neighbor.) Check with your local charities or with SAMHSA for additional ways you can help.

Love for Your Next-Door Neighbor

One of my neighbors makes candies. Only she and her husband live in their home so instead of eating it all, she makes little boxes of candy and gifts them to her neighbors. You might bake cookies or breads. (Avoid nuts and you’ll avoid most allergies—regardless, the act is kindness and love.) If you’re more athletic, you could shovel a driveway or a walkway. What would you appreciate someone doing for you? There’s your next act of neighborly love.

Love for a Random Stranger

This one’s a little tougher because we are more suspicious these days. But you can open a door for someone (regardless of gender). You could gift a candy bar or a gift card for a single drink or snack at your favorite coffee shop or fast food place. Paying for the next person in line’s purchase at the lunch line is a nice option, too.

image of pink butterfly with it's flight in pink dashes that form a heart-a random act of love

There’s so much stress and worry and conflict in the world don’t you want to leave a smile on someone’s face? Be inspired to love the people around you, love your country, and love animals.

Make February the Month of Random Acts of Love. Won’t you give it a shot? Try one of each of these acts of loves this week. This month love your neighbor. If you only “love” that person for the few moments of your exchange, it will improve that person’s day and yours. Try it. See how it makes you feel. 

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