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Answers to frequently asked questions are in this document. Please, scroll down to find the topic. If your question is not answered within this document, please email me via the contact page.

Answers to frequently asked questions are in this document.

Is there another Lynette Burrows? 

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Is there another Lynette Burrows?

Strangely enough, yes. And yes, she is an author of non-fiction.

As far as I know, she lives in the UK and writes and speaks about children’s rights. I have never met her. We do not share political views, views on raising children, nor anything else except a first and last name. If you were looking for information on her, I am sorry, but you are in the wrrroooong place.

  • Medical Disclaimer:

    All advice offered is general, and neither, Lynette M Burrows, or her administrator-level associates are responsible for any problems arising from the use or misuse of health or behavior information. Everyone is different, and the Internet cannot diagnose or treat problems best left to a medical professional able to see the patient in person.

  • Reblogging, Quotes, or Links

    You may quote or reblog up to three paragraphs from one of the posts on—if you give credit and a link back to the full post. Anything more than three paragraphs requires written permission.

    We consider any use of a whole post as plagiarism and copyright infringement, and we do actively search out and use tools to find such violations.

    If you still have questions or wish to make a request, please use our Contact Form. Thank you.

  • Guest Posts

    Guest posts are solicited by Lynette M. Burrows or her administrative level associates. A guest blog post must be approved and/or edited by Lynette M. Burrows or her administrative level associates. With very rare exceptions, we do not accept guest post requests. Most requests are by spammers and get deleted without being read.

    All posts must reflect the values of

    Typical blog posts are 400-800 words. Images and video are encouraged and must be provided by the guest author. The guest author is required to own or have copyright permission for any images or video published and must be able to provide proper attribution.

    All guest posts are expected to be original and not previously published (with rare exceptions). The guest author must wait a minimum of three months before re-posting or reblogging on another site and when re-posting or reblogging must include a link back to the original post on this site.

    If approved, your guest post will be published and available as the “top” post on the blog page of LynetteMBurrows for a minimum of 24 hours (more typically 48 hours). If featured on a banner bar on the first page it will remain on the first page for at least one week, and, the post will remain on the site indefinitely although not necessarily available directly from the homepage.

  • Endorsements does not endorse products (publishing, healthcare products, etc) or services (publishers, editors, healthcare related, etc.). Please complete your own due diligence to find the right products for your goals and lives.

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