First Line Friday: Ghosts and Witches and Monsters

It’s October and that means for First Line Friday we’re looking for ghosts and witches and monsters—in science fiction and fantasy books. As always, there are no affiliate links in this collection of first lines. These titles are available on Amazon. They may be available in other places as well. 

image of three ghosts with arms raised and mouths open in a oooh shape. Ghosts witches and monsters are the theme for this month's first lines friday post.


Alexis Kine always knew her luck would eventually run out. 

We Dare (Ghost Squadron Book 1) Eric Thomson

No one noticed the rock.

The Ghost Brigades (Old Man’s War Book 2) John Scalzi

Monday is nature’s way of telling you that the only easy day was yesterday.

Ghost Dog: Military Science Fiction Across a Holographic Multiverse (Gate Walkers Book 3)  Ashley R Pollard

I placed a paper shirt into the furnace.

The Girl with Ghost Eyes: The Daoshi Chronicles, Book One M. H. Boroson

And Witches

photograph of a woman in a black cloak looking at a book in front of a pentagram drawn on the wall. Ghosts, witches, and monsters are the theme of this month's first lines Friday post.

Bess ran. The clear night sky and fat moon gave ample illumination for her flight.

The Witch’s Daughter: A Novel Paula Brackston

There had been no sign of the hunters for three days.

The Witches of the Wytewoods M J Thompson

I decided that Orion needed to die after the second time he saved my life.

A Deadly Education: A Novel (The Scholomance Book 1) Naomi Novik

Her eyes rested above the waterline as a moth struggled inside her mouth.

The Vine Witch Luanne G. Smith

And Monsters

close-up image of a reptilian alien eye. Ghosts, witches, and monsters are the theme of this month's first lines Friday post.

In the beginning there was only the hunt—the primal need to fight, to feed, and to kill.

Wandering Spirit (Bill of the Dead Adventures)  Rick Gualtieri

Krizzo fought while curled around himself in the control module.

The Trilisk Ruins (Parker Interstellar Travels Book)  Michael McCloskey

“It’s the monster!” Shade Darby cried out, speaking to no one in particular.

Monster (Gone Book 7) Michael Grant

The giant knew Richard Nixon.

Monster: An Alex Delaware Novel  Jonathan Kellerman

Tonight’s job had me sitting in a shadowy corner of a dead-end dive watching the unfortunate, the hopeless, and the degenerates.

Evil’s Unlikely Assassin: A Vampire Urban Fantasy Jenn Windrow


Finding ghosts and witches and monsters in the lists of science fiction and fantasy books proved to be more difficult than expected. The so-called ghost stories and the witch stories rarely had a first line that established mood or that we were talking ghosts or witches. One reason this might be the trend is to establish the normal world. But I found this disappointing. How about you?

The monster stories almost always established the mood and idea immediately. As a result, these first lines appealed to me, even though I don’t read monster stories often. What do you think?

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Will You Buy One?

I hope you found at least one story about ghosts and witches and monsters that you’ll enjoy. Perhaps you’d like to share a first line from your favorite Halloween-themed book?


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