Monday Mashup: From SOPA to Nuts

I don't know about you, but there are so many great things posted on the web, I often miss them when they are first published online. So today, I'm sharing a mash-up of my recent, eclectic discoveries with you.

Someone once called me a ‘slow thinker’ because I prefer to weigh both sides of a situation before I make a decision. So characteristically, the movement to protest SOPA and PIPA moved faster than I did. I object to the language of the bills known as SOPA and PIPA, but I'm not necessarily against their intent. I practiced a 'grey-out' on Wednesday of last week in that I did not black-out my website or blog, but I also did the bare minimum of internet business. And I continue to read a variety of articles on the subject. Here are two that made me go 'hmmm.'

Were you swept up in the internet protest against SOPA and PIPA? Read why David Pogue suggests we Put Down the Pitchforks on SOPA.

Jaron Lanier opines that we netziens harbor false ideals of the web and that our extreme reactions to SOPA can be doing us more harm than good. Read his article in the NY Times opinion page here.

Have either of these articles swayed me? I'm still thinking on it.

On Writing
Now this is motivation! Write your story, finish and start the next one as if a sword is hanging over your head! Read Art Holcomb’s "Scheherazade" a guest blog for Larry Brooks on Storyfix.

Thanks to Lena Corazon for putting me onto this post "Ed’s Casual Friday: Everyone is a (one) Star."

Space Exploration

According to this article Orbital Junk Threatens the Future of Space Travel. Oh, man! I've got to finish revising my Repairman story. Reality is catching up!

How to Achieve Your Goals
Sarah Andre does a gig as guest blogger at Pat O'Dea Rosin and Lark Howard's blog: Reading, Writing, & Rambling. She makes a case on how Fierce Alter Egos will keep you exercising when all else fails.

Marcia Richards' guest blogger, Darlene Steelman, shared her post, Realistic Goals Equal Confidence.

Marshmallow Stuff
You knew I had to include the some of the posts that touched my marshmallow heart.

August McLaughlin tells her story of recovery from anorexia in this touching and inspiring post, Does Dirt Have Calories?

Louise Behiel shares one of my all time favorite poems in A Life Changing Metaphor.

And finally, The Nuts:

A Random Act of Weirdness
This youtube video, courtesy of Lynn Kelley, made me laugh, watch Weird Al Yankovic’s Parody of Lady Gaga.

Those are but a few of the blogs and articles I found on the internet during the past week. I hope you enjoyed them and found one or two that were gems for you. Have a terrific week!

17 thoughts on “Monday Mashup: From SOPA to Nuts

  1. My post touched your marshmallow heart?? What a sweet (oops, pun ;)) compliment, Lynette. The mention means so much – thank you! And what a fantastic list of resources. I see a bunch I’ve yet to check out.

    Form SOPA to Nuts… HA! Love your wit. Have a great week.

  2. Thanks for the links to alternate views on SOPA. So far I’d only read opposing opinions in blog comments and they weren’t very informative (more inflammatory!). I’d like to read about both sides too.

  3. I believe that there should be a form to “protect” copyright infringements, I think that the way the SOPA as it looks, may seriously hamper the overall efficiency of the internet… It comes to a point that I have to think if when writing a post, I can or can not use say the word “Apple”…

    1. Hi, Carolyn. Yes, copyright infringements are rampant on the net but there are laws both national and international. The real problem is in detecting the infringement and then enforcing the law. I don’t have answers, but I have a lot of concerns. Perhaps through discussions like these someone will come up with a great answer. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.

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