Space Shuttle Era Ends, What’s Next?

The Space Shuttle Discovery transformed into a museum relic when it was delivered to the Smithsonian this week.

Space Shuttle Discovery arrives at Smithsonian

Photo Credit: NASA/Smithsonian Institution/Carolyn Russo

One wonders what the future holds for the manned American Space Program.

Will it be Lockheed Martin’s vision discussed in their YouTube video: A New Era of Space Exploration?

Or will it spring from old or new imaginings as in this video?

According to NASA Administrator, Charles Bolden, ‘failure is not an option.’ See the entire article “What’s Next for NASA?ā€

I find the end of the Space Shuttle era to be sad and I fear that the future of manned space flight may be dim, at least in the near future. I also believe that humans have an insatiable need to explore, to find frontiers, and that need will fuel new and exciting missions in space.

What about you? What are your thoughts? What do you think the future holds for manned space flight?

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