Spreading the Christmas (and Chanuka) Cheer

Your regular Wednesday blog series, Re-visioning Your Story, has been interrupted by . . . shopping . . . parties . . . shopping . . . baking . . . shopping . . . writing cards . . . spreading the Christmas and Chanuka cheer, and, you guessed it! SHOPPING!

a sprig of holly

The following Christmas and Chanuka messages are brought to you by some of my very talented WANA friends*.

Susie Lindau’s holiday tradition parallels storytelling except for the cutting up part.

Don’t miss Julie Hedlund’s delightful look at Clement C. Moore’s classic ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas retold from the parents’ view.

August McLaughlin’s post about a teen’s high jinx at the holidays is hilarious: stealing Jesus.

Calvin and Hobbes fan Louise Behiel shares Calvin’s snowmen, some music and a present that will give you a Christmas smile.

I love the music that Coleen Patrick shares when she wishes us a Happy Chanuka.

Stay tuned! Next week we will return to our regular blogging. Thank you so much for visiting. And a special thanks to my WANA friends for cheering me onward and for providing such wonderful thoughts to share.

(*WANA = We Are Not Alone, by Kristen Lamb. Check out her class for building a writer’s platform using social media: Join this class or the pixies win.)

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