All You Need Is The Air That You Breathe

If you are the average person, in moderate to good health, I’ll bet you don’t think much about the act of breathing. Unless you have a cold or illness, breathing happens naturally. If your lungs are compromised, all you need is the air that you breathe. The average person takes 28,880 breaths per day 365 days per year for a total of 10,541,200 breaths per year. I’ve had asthma most of my life, so for me, breathing hasn’t been entirely taken for granted. But my asthma is very mild so that I don’t think about it a whole lot. My husband, who is my soul mate in oh-so-many ways, also has asthma. We avoid triggers (irritants like second-hand smoke and strong perfumes). We strive to stay healthy. For the most part, that’s worked for us and neither of us has spent a lot of time thinking about our breathing or our lungs. But over the past three years breathing comfortably has become something we no longer take for granted. Especially not since he was diagnosed with COPD. WHAT IS COPD? Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, COPD, affects more than 32 million people in the United States alone. It is the third […]