Celebrate and Win Every day

You know that game you play on your cell phone? You get frustrated that it’s so hard or that you can’t win but you play it anyway, don’t you? Do you know why you play the game? Because you get to celebrate and win every day.  The Science Whenever you have a positive, rewarding stimulus (like winning a game, or sex, or even a tasty meal) your brain releases a neurotransmitter called dopamine. It enhances the anticipation of pleasure. This causes us to do more of this pleasurable activity. In fact, dopamine’s nickname is the “feel good” neurotransmitter.  Dopamine helps with movement and has other functions as well, but brain science is complex so I’ll spare you the nitty-gritty details. If you would like more detailed explanations you can read watch the short version in this youtube video. Or read this University Health News article. The downside of dopamine is that it is also released for some people when they drink alcohol or take drugs. This is part of the reason addiction is very difficult to treat.  Hack Your Body You can “hack” your body and help motivate yourself by triggering the release of dopamine. If you celebrate even the […]

It’s Blog Party!

A Blog Party and an Open House. Welcome! Take a look around. Do you like it? This website redesign is the product of the Crazy-Easy Awesome Author Website class taught by the fabulous Lisa Norman at the Lawson Writer’s Academy. Lisa made it crazy-easy and with her guidance, I did most of the website building all by myself. *beams proudly*  A big THANK YOU to Lisa! I would be remiss if I didn’t also send a shout out and thank you for help in developing my new tagline: Stories of Empowerment and Survival Spanning Space and Time. Thank you to Lisa, to Dianne Holley, and Becky Rawnsley! In celebration of my newly re-designed website, I invite you to post a comment with a link to your favorite post or website. Be sure to enter just one link or your comment will be marked as spam. Next Week By the way, my Reader Interview series will continue on Wednesday with Cindy’s responses. She’s a former reading teacher. Be sure to come back and read her answers to what Readers Want.