Be True to Yourself

Watching the Disney live-action movie Mulan, I am struck with the messages contained with in the story. The story is simplistic, as all legends are, but lovely. There are many messages, or themes, in the story. They emblazoned four on the sword, therefore those get focused on the most: Loyal, Brave, True, and Devotion to Family. Many viewers pick up on the additional themes around misogyny and gender equality, honor, and duty. A few even see her search for identity. But what resonates with me is that it’s a story that says to be true to yourself. The hardest thing to do is to be true to yourself, especially when everybody is watching. Dave Chappelle  She Doesn’t Fit In The story starts with a young Mulan whose antics cause problems for her and her family. An older Mulan’s mother helps her dress, does her hair, and her makeup. Transformed into a “normal” young woman, her mother and younger sister accompany her to the Matchmaker and disaster happens again. Mulan and her family despair that she’ll ever fit in. She Hides Her True Self The emperor calls for a son from each family in the village to join the army. With no […]