Sneak Peek, If I Should Die, Chapter 5

TGIF! Though these days Fridays don’t feel the same, do they? However, this Friday is your Sneak Peek, If I Should Die, Chapter 5 episode. (If you don’t want to wade through the recap, skip down to Chapter Five.) If I Should Die is book 2 in The Fellowship Dystopia Series (formerly called the My Soul to Keep series.) It’s the continuation of Miranda’s story. Miranda has built a successful Safe Harbor rescue system across the inland waters of the United States. Refugees from the religious oppression of the Fellowship find safety and freedom aboard the Safe Harbor boats. But now her brother needs rescued so he can complete his mission. She’s committed to helping him, but she’s a peace-loving woman. Will she resort to violence and save lives or stick to her principles and sacrifice many? ReCap Chapter One: Miranda pilots her yacht, the Lady Angelfish, up the Missouri River to rescue her brother, but the U.S. Coast Guard and a Second Sphere agent stop her for a “routine” inspection. You can watch me read the entire Chapter One or read a brief sample. Chapter Two: Irene, Miranda’s sister, can’t believe she’s the wife of the newly appointed Prophet. Nor can she believe she’s at the White […]

What If This Light Bulb Is The Cure?

In physics they say that there’s enough energy in humans to light a light bulb. In the video below Prince Ea asks, “What if this light bulb is the cure to racism, sexism, and classism?” The less than three minutes you’ll take to listen and watch will inspire and remind you of something important. Yes, I’m being vague because I don’t want to spoil the powerful and beautiful words Prince Ae uses to express this idea.   What if this light bulb is the cure?