The Story Planted A Seed

Today, I wanted to share a very short essay on how reading can grow into something unique for each of us. I call it, The Story Planted A Seed.

Girl Reading Book, Lynette M Burrows

There was once a girl who read a story

And it was as if the story planted a seed inside her.

She nurtured the seed and it germinated. 


The girl read many more stories

And her imaginary garden blossomed with colorful, many-petaled, and sweet-scented ideas.

The ideas grew and grew until she had so many seeds she had to plant her own.

In the fertile ground of her imagination story flowers sprang up between rocks and weeds and choking vines.

So she read books and books and books and she took classes and she did Immersion and she found mentors and she wrote.

Ye, gods, she wrote hundreds of thousands of words.

Something flowered inside…a jumble of ideas came together and grew into a new idea.

She pruned and watered and fed the idea.

The Story Planted A Seed. A determined idea, like a sprout, will find a way to grow.

The story grew and twisted and turned and wormed its way onto the pages

And a book was born.

And readers came and read her story.

In the readers’ imaginings, a seed is planted and the reader adds petals to the flower that is the story.

And in the reader’s mind, the story seed grows and grows.

The girl who wrote the story smiles for that is how it should be.

And in her imagination, another seed twists and yearns to grow into a story.

∞ ∞ ∞

I’m delighted when a reader tells me what they saw and felt when reading one of my stories, especially if I didn’t specifically write it that way. Stories aren’t really stories until they capture someone’s imagination. Each reader brings specific thoughts and idea to the story and their thoughts and ideas enrich the story. When you read a good story how does the story plant a seed in your imagination?

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