Want A Little Magic In Your Life?

There’s something about magic. From card tricks to mind-bending disappearing acts magic fascinates everyone. Who wouldn’t want to be able to wave a wand, recite an incantation, or create a potion that will take his cares away? I confess I have an addiction to the television series, Charmed. But today I’m not talking about magic on the stage or magic on the television. If you want a little magic in your life all you need to do is open the cover of a book.

The Magic of Books

If you’re reading this, I’m betting you understand what I’m talking about. Reading opens your mind to learning and to places you’ve never been. Through a book, you’ll understand ideas and experiences that aren’t yours but somehow reveal yours to you.

I’ve read hundreds of books. Yet, there are some that are clearer in my memory than others. Books that woke a bit of magic in me. Books that took me to places I’d never been.  Judging by the Seven books in Seven Days meme making the rounds on Facebook, there are many people who have felt that particular magic.

The Magic of Recommendation

Think about the books you’ve read. How many made an impact on you? You can share about them in the comments if you want, but you don’t have to. Think about them for a few moments. Why did you read that particular book? Did someone recommend it to you? Remember the joy, the learning, the enlightenment–the magic they brought you.

The books that brought you magic? Did you share their magic? By that I mean, did you recommend the book to someone else? Many others? That’s wonderful. I hope the folks you shared with also felt some magic. But there is another way to share the magic.

Another way to bring a little magic in your life and in someone else’s. Write a review of the books you loved. A brief, “I liked this book,” will take a few seconds yet it will spread the magic.

The Magic of Reviews

Will your review make someone else read the book? Maybe. If it does, you’ve spread the magic. Reviews also send a little magic back to the author. It may be encouragement or reinforcement that the author needed on a bad day. Even a negative review can be a little magic in an author’s day. I’m not saying that negative reviews feel great. They don’t. Yet, to know someone in the big ugly world out there read my book is helpful. That they cared enough to try to help me write better books in the future is pretty powerful magic.


Want a little magic in your life? 

Spread the magic. Share a favorite book with a friend or two. Write a review. You may question how powerful the three-word review you shared is. Trust me, it’s Big Magic. And for those of you who have shared your magic with me, thank you.

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